The Topics

The topics of the conference include but are not limited to:

  1. Energy Conversion and Management:
  2. Analysis and optimization of energy processes - Cogeneration and combined heat, power and refrigeration - Combustion improvements and combustion of new fuels - Industrial and domestic use of energy - Energy conversion and storage – Energy Efficiency in Buildings – Improvement of Indoor Air Quality – Energy Storage – Energy Savings in Transportations – Power Plants and Equipment – Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning – Low Enthalpy Energy Sources – Energy Harvesting

  3. Energy Planning and Policy:
  4. Economic and Policy Issues - Energy Analysis - Energy Planning and Energy Management - Energy supply security - Environmental, Social and Economic Impacts of Energy Policies and Usage - Overview of the Global and Regional Energy Scene - Problems of Modeling and Forecasting - Integrated Energy Systems - Optimal Use of Energy Resources - Energy and Environmental Regulation

  5. Power Systems and Networks:
  6. Electricity Supply and Demand – Transmission – Distribution – Network Operation – Data Monitoring and Control Systems – Power Grids – District Heating and Cooling – Natural Gas Supply – Power Plants Automation and Control - Power System Metering - Smart Transmission Grids

  7. Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer:
  8. Heat Exchangers – Conduction, Convection and Radiation Heat Transfer - Heat Transfer in Fission and Fusion Nuclear Facilities – Exergy Analysis - Entropy Generation Minimization – Heat and Mass Transfer Processes – Thermodynamic Modelling and Optimization – Computational Fluid Dynamics

  9. Renewables and Nuclear Energy Sources:
  10. Biomass and Bioenergy - Geothermal Energy Systems - Sustainable Energy Systems - Wind Energy - Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic – Concentrating Solar Power – Waves Energy - Nuclear Systems – Hydro Power – Hydrogen Production Technology - Fuel Cells – Tide and Ocean Energy.